High-Power LED Lights

Picture Description
Professional LED Light

Model: VL12K

The high-power professional LED Light is the perfect option for indoor and outdoor videography. This high-quality video light is compact, dimmable seamlessly mounts to digital, manual SLRs and video cameras. This kit includes a 7.4V Sony Li-ion battery, battery charger, double barn doors, as well as transparent and brown color...

Digital Compact LED Light

Model: VL13K

The digital compact LED light is a high-power, rechargeable video light designed for SLR and video cameras. Its illuminating beam is powered by a strong lithium-ion battery, which is included along with a battery charger and built-in universal hot-shoe.

Digital Dual LED Light

Model: VL14K

The high-power digital dual LED light is rechargeable and designed for SLR and video cameras. The high-quality video light has a universal hot-shoe for seamless mount to dSLRs and also includes a Sony Li-ion battery, battery charger and bonus Sony hot-shoe adapter. It provides double the brightness as its single-light...

The Digital Professional LED Light for Photo and Video

Model: VL15K

The Digital Professional LED Light for Photo and Video provides elite lighting efficiency for your photography and videography needs. The 120 LED lights pack a punch and stay cool, offering excellent color balance and powerful, even light coverage. Its Evenflow Dimmer overs elite control over light output. Its lightweight, compact...

The Digital Professional 10W LED Video Light with Barn Doors

Model: VL16K

The Professional LED Light with Barn Doors is a high-intensity, rechargeable video light with a powerful 7-bulb construction that offers an expansive 3000K-600K temperature selection, ultra-wide illumination beam angle of 45° and a variable dimmer for precision lighting control. This light also has a fully-adjustable tilting bracket and universal...

The Digital Professional LED with Barn Doors

Model: VL17K

The Digital Professional LED light with barn doors delivers high-intensity light over its super-wide 80° illumination beam angle. Its Variable Evenflow Dimmer provides total output control for precise lighting in any scenario. With multi-color temperature selection (3000K-3500K & 5000K-6000K) and worldwide charging compatibility (110V-240V), this 10-bulb video light, its versatility...